"Gatherings in private homes and public spaces will be restricted to a maximum of 10 people. These limits do not apply to businesses operating under a COVID Safe plan"

We and all our venues/cafes operate under a COVID safe Plan and have done since they were released.

"If your business is operating under a COVID Safe plan, you are not affected by the latest restrictions announced on 22 August 2020 for the Greater Brisbane and Ipswich areas. This includes businesses operating under a COVID Safe Industry Plan, a COVID Safe checklist, COVID Safe Site Specific Plan or COVID Safe Event Plan"

Our private events operate under individual COVID safe checklists that assess the COVID requirements at each event rather than as a blanket, as we hold events for less than 500 people these checklists are not required to be signed off.


We spoke with 13 QGOV (13 74 68) at 11.02AM (call concluded) and they have confirmed the following points:

- We are to follow existing business regulations for our venues and the current restrictions do not apply if we are following a COVID safe checklist/ industry plan of which ALL of our venues do and are.

- We are allowed to continue private events - the new restrictions do not apply to businesses operating under COVID safe event checklists and we have clarified that we can progress with private events in peoples homes under a COVID Safe Event checklist (that must be completed for each event and available for inspection on-site)

- We are also required to ensure social distancing rules. We further clarified if everyone in the private event, is part of the group, can they sit together - to which we were advised that as we are a business, and function under COVID safe checklists for these events, previous rules around social distancing apply meaning groups can sit together but must be spaced by 2msq for those who are not in the group.


Our studio-based COVID checklist is in force and on display in our studio and has been since we reopened. Groups may sit together.

Cafes opt to either function under an industry COVID safe plan or COVID safe checklist - in either case, all our venues are complying and we have had auditors attend some venues and confirmed they are meeting requirements.

Effective immediately private events outside studios/cafes will be subject to a COVID safe event checklist for each event for bookings of 10 people or more.

We also provide Protective Equipment (PPE) including face masks and gloves to all attendees.


We will review our position based on a few factors:

1 - If there is a major outbreak
2 - If COVID is found active in any of the suburbs where we run classes or close to our studio
3 - The government changes their position on business restrictions
4 - Something comes up that forces our hand

If you have any questions please let us know - with all this in mind classes will continue until further notice.

Our Covid-19 Plan

As with all other businesses in our industry we are required to have a COVID-19 plan in place for our venue. The following applies to sip n dip studio in Goodna of which we have 100sqm of space. Please refer to the venue/cafe you are attending for their venue plan - we will adhere to the COVID plan outlined for each venue.



YOU CAN SEE OUR EVENT COVID SAFE CHECKLIST HERE (this applies to events at our venue/studio and out and about in the community). We are now required to complete one of these for EVERY private event at home in order that people can continue with bookings over 10 people.


At the sip n dip studio and espresso bar:

  • Staff will practice good hygiene when preparing and handling food.

  • Staff and Patrons must practice good hand hygiene – wash hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds and use a disposable paper towel to dry them. Or you may opt for the use of hand sanitiser. Hand sanitiser is readily available onsite at our venue for both staff and patrons to use including in our restroom facility

  • Handwashing posters and pump soap are provided at all our sinks including our restroom facility

  • Whilst we do not manufacture food at our venue we will ensure surfaces are regularly cleaned with disinfectant wipes and all food preparation surfaces (our coffee making station, counter and cold display) will be sanitised at regular intervals

  • There is currently no evidence that COVID-19 is spread through food. All food sold is manufactured offsite

  • Our studio is cleaned and sanitised professionally every Tuesday in addition to the above measures

  • Patrons will not exceed those outlined by the Queensland government

  • Sign-in sheets will be used in all classes. All attendees must provide their Identification to allow us to keep a record of those who attended our classes should an outbreak occur

  • Physical Distancing of 1.5m will be applied to all attendees

  • Attendees will be offered individual catering boxes with lids applied

  • Aprons will not be offered - please wear clothes suitable for painting

  • Disposable table cloths, plates and water cups will be used

  • Gloves and face masks will be provided (latex free) as will hand sanitiser

  • Tables and stools will be stripped and wiped with disinfectant after each use

  • Restroom and sinks will be wiped after each use with disinfectant cloths

  • Disinfectant spray (such as glen 20) will be used to clear the air space after each use

  • We will continue to use disposable cups, cutlery and plates for visitors who eat in at our cafe until further notice.


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ABN 15 000 122 850

Phone: 1300 20 30 60

Public Liability Limit: 20 Million

Policy Number: 109RN19967COM

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